“We were extremely impressed with the diversity of logo options presented to us by MalkaDesigns. We were offered the spectrum, from classic to modern and beyond. Malka was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Teri Normand Chief Operating Officer, Heichal Hatorah – Teaneck, NJ

“MalkaDesigns’ pricing is competitive and it’s evident that they are interested in meeting their clients’ needs. Malka was able to navigate through all of the different options and produce a classy and elegant product. I would highly recommend Malka Designs.”

Rabbi Yitzy Simcha Former Menahel, Kollel Ohel Torah – Chicago, IL

“Malka is an incredibly creative and highly professional designer and marketing consultant. She is skilled at creating marketing plans and designing ads that get results.”

Dr. Leslie G. Klein Academic Dean, WITS/MAALOT – Baltimore, MD

“After working with MalkaDesigns for numerous years, I’ve seen that the return on the investment has always paid off.”

Aaron Topper Owner, Crossroads Care Center – Mayville, WI

“As a client of Malka Frankel for over a decade I haven’t found a job that she can’t handle, from simple event announcements to full-blown capital campaign collateral. Her presentations are innovative and she works within our budget.”

Moshe Davis Presidium Member, Joan Dachs, Bais Yaakov Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi – Chicago,IL

“Malka is talented and insightful. She succeeded in giving substance to our vision and clarity to our message.”

Rabbi Avrohom Feldheim Menahel, Mesivta Kesser Torah – Baltimore, MD